• The Promise and the Pitfalls: Business Ecosystems Thinking
    The promise of business ecosystems comes with some potential pitfalls Continue reading
  • The Benefits: Business Ecosystems Thinking
    The concept of "business ecosystems" offers a fresh, more adaptive approach. This model extends beyond merely driving profitability for individual companies. It presents a paradigm that could radically improve how we solve complex problems and create a more equitable society. Continue reading
  • Business Ecosystems Thinking: A Multi-Faceted Solution – Part 2
    In a world of ever-increasing complexity, our traditional models of doing business are failing to address the myriad challenges we face. Enter "business ecosystems thinking," a holistic framework that champions collaborative co-existence and offers viable alternatives as a solution to some of the world's most pressing issues. Continue reading
  • Business Ecosystems: A Multi-Faceted Solution – Part 1
    In today’s rapidly evolving world, problems such as economic inequality, environmental degradation, and social polarization are more pronounced than ever. Traditional models of business have often exacerbated these issues, championing a 'winner-takes-all' philosophy that has led to monopoly power, wealth concentration, and unsustainable resource utilization. The question arises: Is there an alternative? The burgeoning concept of business ecosystems offers a compelling answer Continue reading
  • The Promise of Business Ecosystems
    Business ecosystems offer a promise of sustainable growth and social equilibrium. The transition may not be seamless, and challenges abound, but the potential benefits to firms, society, and humanity are too significant to ignore Continue reading
  • The Contrast in Principles: Business Ecosystems Thinking
    In a business landscape often dominated by a "winner-takes-all" philosophy, a new paradigm is slowly but surely taking root: Business Ecosystems Thinking. The contrast in principles of this model doesn't just rewrite the rules of the game; it changes the game entirely. Continue reading
  • A Paradigm Shift: Business Ecosystems Thinking
    Business Ecosystems Thinking. A paradigm shift, this model embraces complexity as an asset, providing a framework for collaborative co-existence that is adaptive, dynamic, and sustainable. Continue reading
  • Winner Takes All Mindset
    The "winner takes all" mindset, when taken to its ultimate conclusion, poses serious challenges not just to the business landscape but also to societal and environmental health. It's a cautionary tale that should make us all reconsider the kind of business models we want to champion as we move forward. Continue reading
  • “Winner Takes All”: Traditional Business Thinking
    The phrase "winner takes all" may sound like a tagline for a thrilling game show, but for many organizations, it's a business philosophy that has long been deeply ingrained. Traditional business thinking often operates on this principle, whether explicitly stated or subtly embedded in its core values and strategies. Let's dissect some of these core … Continue reading
  • Traditional Business Thinking: Time for a Reconsideration?
    Traditional business thinking has been the bedrock of corporate strategy and operations for decades, if not centuries. It has its merits and has guided countless organizations to success. However, as our world continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, it's worth taking a step back to examine some of these longstanding principles. Here's a breakdown: … Continue reading
  • The Road to SaaS
    The white paper "The Road to SaaS" provides a roadmap for developing an organisation strategy for SaaS. Here is an introduction to the paper; SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a cloud computing model where software applications are provided over the internet on a subscription basis. Instead of installing and maintaining software … Continue reading
  • Part 10: Building and Nurturing Your Own Ecosystem
    In the intricate world of business ecosystems, the power lies not just in understanding them but in creating and nurturing your own. This blog explores the essential steps and strategies for building and sustaining a successful business ecosystem Continue reading
  • Part 9: The Future of Business Ecosystems
    Business ecosystems, like living organisms, are in a constant state of evolution. They adapt to changing market dynamics, technological advancements, and shifting customer preferences. The future promises even more profound transformations Continue reading
  • Part 8: Risks and Challenges in Business Ecosystems
    In the world of business ecosystems, where collaboration is the cornerstone of success, there are pitfalls and hurdles that every participant should be aware of. These challenges, if left unaddressed, can undermine the very essence of an ecosystem and the potential benefits it promises Continue reading
  • Part 7: Business Ecosystems Across Industries
    What truly exemplifies the power and versatility of this framework is its applicability across various industries. In Part 7 we dive into 'Business Ecosystems Across Industries,' where we explore how this model manifests in different sectors and its real-world implications Continue reading
  • Part 6: Governance and Regulation
    In the world of business ecosystems, the notion of governance might not be as apparent as it is in traditional corporate structures. However, it plays a crucial role in shaping the dynamics of these networks Continue reading
  • Part 5: Business Ecosystems and Strategy
    In the intricate web of business ecosystems, strategy isn't just about individual businesses competing; it's about how they collaborate and adapt to ensure mutual success. Continue reading
  • Part 4: Interdependence and Network Effects
    In this article we delve into the fascinating dynamics of interdependence and network effects within business ecosystems Continue reading
  • Part 3: Technology in Business Ecosystems
    In this article, we'll delve into the profound impact of technology within business ecosystems and explore how it acts as both an enabler and disruptor Continue reading
  • Finance Ecosystem Strategy
    In this article I discuss the reasons why a finance firm should adopt a business ecosystem strategy. I explore specific ways to implement it within the financial ecosystem, highlight key differences compared to conventional competitive strategies, discuss the benefits it offers, and provide insights on identifying opportunities and implementing this strategy effectively. I then discuss  an example of a successful business ecosystem strategy, critically review such a strategy, and compare it with a more conventional strategy. Finally I establish the bottom line in terms of each of these strategies. Continue reading
  • Part 2: The Anatomy of Business Ecosystems
    Having introduced the fundamental idea of a business ecosystem and shed light on why it could be an advantageous yet pragmatically challenging alternative to traditional business models, in the first part of this series, let's dive into the anatomy of these ecosystems to dissect their key components. By understanding the different roles and relationships within … Continue reading
  • Part 1: Introduction to Business Ecosystems
    Explore the fundamentals of business ecosystems in this introductory blog post. Learn why understanding your ecosystem is crucial for strategy, innovation, and sustainable growth. Continue reading
  • Understanding Business Ecosystems: A Primer Series
    If you recall from the previous blog post, I explained why I wrote two comprehensive books on the subject of Business Ecosystems. The motive was to explore an alternative framework to the prevailing "winner-takes-all" business models that have long dominated our industries. But, as we all know, being a leader in today's volatile business environment … Continue reading
  • Business Ecosystems Books – Why I Wrote Two of them
    What are Business Ecosystems? And why would anyone write two books on Business Ecosystems? Complexity and Business Ecosystems Complexity has always fascinated me. Why are things complex? How does this complexity arise? How does complexity affect behaviour? What can one do about it? The business world is teeming with complexity in action. It has not … Continue reading